Training an arm

Try out our toy environment Arm2DEnv and an example code for training a controller for the environment. The arm model has a weak shoulder muscle that it cannot keep its arm forward.

Test Arm2DEnv:

python -m examples.arm2d

You can train a neural network model using existing frameworks. For example, to train a DDPG using keras-rl simply install keras-rl with following lines

pip install keras-rl

Now, you can train a control model (DDPG) for the environment:

python -m examples.train_arm --train --model sample

To test a control model run

python -m examples.train_arm --test --visualize --model examples/model_exp

where model_exp_actor and model_exp_critic are networks trained with python examples.train_arm --train --steps 100000 --model examples/model_exp